Are you a landlord in Cumbria with a single property or many? VeriSmart can help protect your investment from the threats of the Human Habitation Act and any tenants who don’t want to respect your property.

Our Inventory and check out reports are the best insurance you can get to protect your property and our HHSRS reporting will make sure you have no Category 1 hazards and therefore leave yourself open to claims or prosecutions.

We will collect keys from you, carry out the inspection, return keys and supply you with the report, typically in less than 24hrs.

We will also send it to the tenants phone and email where they can digitally inspect and accept the report which will produce a log to evidence the tenant has accepted it or had the chance to do so.

We can also inspect your property periodically and provide you with a detailed, independent photographic report on the condition of your property.

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