If you run a Letting Agency or Property Management Company we can help stream line your business and counter the effects of the Human Habitation Act.

We will collect properties keys from desired location, visit property to collect data and then return keys, we will then produce the report so you have it ready the next working day.

You will have unlimited access to our Booking system where you will have 24hr access to any reports we have produced for you, this is where you can send the inventory to the tenant/landlord and create a detailed log from report been sent to it being opened and accepted, tenants can even add their own photos/comments if they disagree with something, but this doesn’t happen too often as we rarely miss something.

Our aim is to make your life easier and supply you with an impartial quality product that offers you and your landlords a level of protection they cannot get elsewhere.

Outsourcing to us will give you the above benefits plus we will save you time, transport costs, office space, employment costs and liabilities which all leads to saving money.

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